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What design style fits your business?

When starting the design process with your graphic designer, it’s nice to know what type of design style you envision for your business.

The more the designer knows about your style, the better they can get a perfect design put together for your company.

There are many different design styles, this post is the start to a series of posts.

Today we will be breaking down the most popular design styles. Later, in upcoming posts, we will be going into more detail about each style.

Are you ready to start narrowing down your business’ design style?


A luxurious graphic design style shows sophistication and elegance.


A feminine style can be a bit timid but appeals to a woman with the use of cursive and a soft color pallet.


In contrast, a masculine design is more of a simple, monochromatic and bold design which appeals more to men.


Minimal design is simple and straightforward. Nothing extra, just the basics to make it unique.


A playful design is informal ad colorful. Many times a playful design will integrate illustrations and fantasy.

Organic and Natural

An Organic and Natural design pulls inspiration from natural forms and continuous lines. The look may even look handmade and weathered.


Illustrated design utilizes a raw, hand drawn design. This is many times pushed even further in to the photo-realistic realm. Which, as the name suggests, looks very much like an image or photograph.


Three dimensional design takes the design off the page, using perspective and lighting effects to create an illusion of a depth.


The opposite of the 3-D design would be a flat design. These designs are typically minimal and do not use any lighting effects.


Typographic design uses the font to create the design. Fonts are modified for the design or are created by the designer.


Abstract design allows for individual interpretation with a combination of colors and elements to create a design that is independent from how we see the world.


Vintage or retro designs take the viewer to a different time period. Many times these designs are rustic and evoke a feeling of the recent past.


As you may have guessed, geometric style makes use of shapes and lines to create a design. As well as the use of symmetry and asymmetry in a simple way.


The professional, corporate design incorporates muted colors and minimal details. The design is formal and simple.

As you can see, there are many different design styles to choose from. Don’t be worried if you are a mix between a few different styles. There is nothing wrong with having a few that appeal to you.

Let your designer know what style encompasses your business. Which styles you are drawn to. And if at all possible, let them know why you feel drawn to that style.

Narrowing down the long list is the first step in getting the results you are hoping for!

The next post will break down each of the styles more completely.